Heidelberg Instruments webinar recordings are now available

by James Carter

The Heidelberg Instruments webinar recordings are now live!
Please see below the links.

MLA Direct Laser Writer Webinar

Maskless Aligner - Fast prototyping without photo masks

Webinar description
: The Maskless Aligner series was first introduced in 2015. Since then, the maskless technology has become firmly established in research labs worldwide as well as in many small to mid-volume micro fabrication facilities. Application areas include MEMS, microfluidics, micro-optics, sensors, electronic components and many more. This webinar will give you an insight into our maskless lithography technology with emphasis on our maskless aligner series.

Webinar recording link here

DWL Greyscale Laser Lithography Webinar

Grayscale Laser Lithography with Heidelberg Instruments DWL Series

Webinar description
Grayscale lithography is used to create three-dimensional micro- and nanostructures with height gradients, enabling the fabrication of textured surfaces with micro- and nano-topographies. In laser lithography, the CAD virtual landscape is mapped to the system’s gray values where each value corresponds to an exposure intensity level. With up to 1000 gray levels and 65000 intensities, 2.5D topographies can be realized, which are required for micro-optical elements such as Fresnel lenses, blazed gratings, micro-lenses but also for other areas such as MEMS, MOEMS or microfluidics.

Webinar recording link here

ULTRA Lithography Webinar

ULTRA Semiconductor photomask Lithography with Heidelberg Instruments

Webinar description
Nano Vacuum Australia & New Zealand is proud to share the Heidelberg Instruments ULTRA Semiconductor photomask Lithography webinar. This webinar will give a technical introduction of the Heidelberg Instruments Ultra Laser Writer. The Ultra technology has evolved from our well established line of Volume Pattern Generators and is used in production of mature semiconductor photomasks as well as for direct write applications.

It provides an economical laser writer solution with all the features required for high throughput, high precision, structure uniformity and alignment.
Webinar recording link here

NanoFrazor – A Nanolithography Tool for 2D & 3D devices Webinar

Webinar description: Nano Vacuum Australia & New Zealand is proud to share the Heidelberg Instruments NanoFrazor lithography systems webinar.

NanoFrazor lithography systems were developed as a first true alternative or extension to standard mask-less nanolithography methods like electron beam lithography (EBL). In contrast to EBL they are based on thermal scanning probe lithography (t-SPL). Here a heatable ultra-sharp probe tip with an apex of a few nm is used for patterning and simultaneously inspecting complex nanostructures[1]. The heat impact from the probe on a thermal responsive resist generates those high-resolution nanostructures. The patterning depth of each individual pixel can be controlled with better than 1 nm precision using an integrated in-situ metrology method.

Webinar recording link here

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