Deformable Silicon structures by Modern Lithography Process

by Ava Faridi

The recent publication by Dr. Jeffrey M. Wheeler and his team at ETH University demonstrated the ultrahigh elastic strain (shear strength ~4 GPa) of Si, as well as plastic deformation of Si at the micron-scale (one order of magnitude larger than samples made using focused ion beams) applying a unique lithography techniques using Direct Write Maskless Aligner MLA150 Heidelberg GmbH.

The improvement in elasticity revealed the size and stress dependent transition in dislocation behavior. In addition, micron-scale plasticity of Si allows the investigation of the intrinsic size effects and dislocation behavior in diamond-structured materials. The alteration from full to partial dislocations opens gates to fabrication of robust MEMS devices.

Read the full text here.

Reference:  Achieving micron-scale plasticity and theoretical strength in Silicon, Nat. Commun., M. Chen et al., 2020.

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