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    The nanoETCH implements Moorfield's unique soft-etching technology and provides the fine etching control crucial for graphene and 2D materials research in a convenient, benchtop package.

    Developed in collaboration with the Nobel Prize-winning group at Manchester University, UK, soft-etching technology from Moorfield is focused on the provision of low plasma powers, with high control resolution. As a result, and in contrast to conventional etching solutions, the tool enables high-performance for key applications in graphene and 2D materials:

    • Substrate preparation for flake exfoliation: Large-area flakes through surface conditioning
    • Clean material patterning: Graphene removal without resist residues
    • Defect engineering: Creating defects in graphene layers 
    As standard, the system is suitable for accepting substrates up to 3" diameter. A turbomolecular pumping system enables contamination-free operation. Substrates rest on a purpose-designed stage, and power is supplied from an RF unit engineered to allow for fine control at low powers. Together with carefully modelled in-chamber RF acoustics, this provides the tool with its unique capabilities.

    During operation, the nanoETCH supplies process gas through MFCs. These, along with all other hardware, are controlled manually or automatically (recipe-based) via the touchscreen HMI. The system can be connected to a PC for data-logging.

    The nanoETCH tool is now installed in leading graphene/2D material research labs, including ICFO (Spain), the Cambridge Graphene Centre and the UK National Graphene Institute. 

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