CVD/PECVD Tools 1D/2D Nanomaterials

CVD is a well established technique for deposition of a wide variety of films with different compositions and thicknesses down to a single layer of atoms.


  • Substrate sits directly on electrode which can be heated up to 1200˚C
  • Gas injected into process chamber via “showerhead” gas inlet in the top electrode 
  • Solid/liquid precursor delivery system for novel processes such as 2D materials MOCVD, ZnO nanowire CVD etc.
  • Automatic load lock to transfer sample directly on to a hot table and save time on heating and cooling.
  • Plasma enhancement options for lower temperature deposition or plasma assisted conversion or functionalization as well as chamber cleaning.
  • Wide range of processes possible in the same chamber

Oxford Instruments Nanofab 1D/2D CVD Tool

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 1200˚C table temperature
  • Direct and remote plasma enhancement options
  • Operating pressures up to 5 Torr (higher possible)
  • Dry plasma cleaning process with end-point control removes or reduces need for physical/chemical chamber cleaning 
  • Multiple heated/cooled liquid/solid precursors delivery system in addition to 12 gas delivery lines.
  • Offers a wide range of material deposition, including:
    • Si based PECVD/ICP CVD processes and high temperature CVD processes in the same chamber
    • 1D materials growth such as Carbon nanotubes, ZnO nanowires and Si Nanowires
    • 2D materials growth  such as Graphene, hBN, MoS2/WS2 and other transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs)
Oxford Instruments Nanofab 1D/2D CVD Tool

CVD/PECVD Tools 1D/2D Nanomaterials

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