X-ray Source RS 40B1

Brand: Prevac

Product Code: RS40B1

Availability: On Request

The RS 40B1 X-ray Source is a high intensity twin anode Al/Mg source optimized for XPS and high pressure XPS experiments (option).

Design of the anode, filament and source housing guarantees maximum X-Ray intensity and very low crosstalk between the anode faces. 
A specially configured nose cone allows maximum access to the sample. Twin anode used in standard source, allows for separated emission of two different characteristic X-radiation emission lines: Mg (1253 eV), Al (1487 eV) – other coating materials on request.


  • High intensity twin anode Al / Mg
  • A specially configured nose cone
  • Very low cross-talk
  • Low magnetic field
  • Hermetically sealed housing
  • Very efficiently water-cooled inner housing in order to reduce thermal damage to the sample during operation
  • In-built double high voltage protection together with hermetically sealed housing
  • Able to work in high-pressure experiments in the mbar range (option)
  • Able to work under full control with limited water flow.


  • High-Pressure version, up to 5 mbar (20 mbar in development)
  • Linear shift with tilt 50 - 100 mm (for HP X-ray source equipped with additional pumping port)
  • Chiller

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Technical data

Mounting flange DN 40CF (non-rotatable)
Anode Al/Mg (other materials on request)
Power Al 600 W / Mg 400 W
Energy range 7 - 15 keV
Cathode current (Icath) up to 2.5 A
Emission current range (Ie) 0 - 50 mA
Cross talk < 0.35 %
Magnetic field at sample below 0.5 μT
Increased sample temperature < 5 °C
Cathode type thoriated tungsten
Water cooling required, pressure 3.5 - 5 bar (max. 6 bar), flow ≥ 2.5 l/min., Tmax = 30 °C
Insertion length 285 mm; OD: 35 mm
FWHM dependent on working distance (e.g. 30 mm for distance 15 mm)
Typical working distance 5 - 30 mm (optimum 15 mm)
Bakeout temperature up to 250 °C
Working pressure < 5 x 10-6 mbar