TritonXL – Large Dilution Refrigerator for Quantum Computing

Brand: oxford Nano Science

Product Code: TritonXL – Large Dilution Refrigerator for Quantum Computing

Availability: On Request

TritonXL is used for the most demanding research applications where sample temperatures below 5 mK is required, for integrating larger numbers of signal lines or very high magnetic fields.

  • Two integrated 1.5 W pulse-tube coolers, decoupled with flexible braids and bellows to minimize vibrations
  • Space for up to 72 semi-rigid RF lines with optimized attenuator configurations for the lowest possible electron temperature
  • Wide range of integrated solenoid and vector magnets up to 16 Tesla
  • Market leading top and bottom sample loading mechanism
  • Options for optical access through fibres or windows
  • Advanced software control with a remote command interface and safety interlocks
  • 3 years standard warranty which covers all third-party supplied components such as pulse-tube cooler, pumps and electronics

Our patented market leading sample loading mechanism allows for fast and easy sample exchange without the need to warm the entire system to room temperature:

  • Choose between top and bottom loading options to suit your lab space and experimental set-up
  • Loading a sample puck takes < 15 min and the system automatically cools back to base temperature 
  • Proven track record with more than 80 top and bottom loading systems installed
  • Our unique demountable puck concept results in the lowest possible sample temperature with up to 28 RF and 100 DC connections on a single sample puck
  • Ideal solution for multi-user facilities since different experiments can be prepared in different sample pucks
  • Patented loading concept allows for safe and easy operation
  • ESD protection (make-before-break) via sample grounding or biasing before puck docks with the experimental wiring
  • Available with options for optical access and integrated piezo nano-positioning stages.



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