The ProteoxTM dilution refrigerator from Oxford Instruments

Brand: oxford Nano Science

Product Code: The ProteoxTM dilution refrigerator from Oxford Instruments

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A step change in system modularity

Maximise system value: Self-supporting Secondary Insert enhances adaptability, enabling rapid exchange of full experimental setups for a multi-user, multi-experiment system.

Future-proof investment: Upgradeable Secondary Inserts are cross-compatible and transferrable between ProteoxTM family systems.

Unlock new applications: Large experimental volume and abundant line of sight access provides high I/O capability for Qubit scale-up and Quantum Computing applications.


The key features of the Proteox dilution refrigerator are:

  • Multi-user and multi-experiment

DC wiring, coaxial wiring, cold electronic components and samples can be fully integrated on to multiple Secondary Inserts for easy removal, modification and exchange.

  • High Input/Output capability

Enables high input/output applications through abundant line-of-sight (LOS) access. Up to 2 × ISO100 ports on the Secondary Insert, 2 × KF40 and 2 × KF25 on the primary insert.

  • Extensive experimental volume

Large 360 mm diameter mixing chamber plate, combined with increased spacing to provide a large experimental volume.

  • Greater control

A patented gas gap heat switch system provides active control of thermal conductivity between plates

  • Magnet options

In-house design, manufacturing and support of both the dilution refrigerator and the superconducting magnet. This provides a fully integrated system with unified software control and data logging.

  • Integrate sample exchange

Include the Oxford Instruments patented bottom loader system directly onto the Secondary Insert for rapid sample exchange coupled with magnet integration.

  • Reliability and convenience

New gas handling system delivers increased reliability and longer service intervals with automated pump bypass.

  • Simple, powerful software
  1. Web-based, platform-independent, control software
  2. Published API interface allows full programmatic control
  3. Event log tracking
  4. Powerful system logfile visualisation
  5. Smart session management for multi-user access
  6. Secure database for logging of system data


  • Fast, tuneable cool down

When combined with our bottom loader technology, it enables cool down of sample pucks from 300K.

  • High temperature operation

With independent control of the experimental plate inexcess of 30K and fast recovery to base temperature.

  • Performance where you need it

Low base temperatures and high cooling power to support increased capacity.


The ProteoxTM Secondary Insert is a customisable, self-supporting module to enable installation and exchange of full experimental set-ups

Full experiment modularity

 Moving beyond standard access ports, the Secondary Insert can accommodate full experimental set-ups, including DC wiring, coaxial wiring and cold electronic components. The flexible, modular format enhances adaptability to varied application requirements.

Optimised for ease of use

  • Side loading for rapid experiment exchange and low ceiling height installations
  • Self-supporting plates maintain wiring and components as a single assembly

Configure for your application

The Secondary Insert provides a large 117 mm × 253 mm rectangular LOS access port. This can be configured as a single customisable plate, or with 2 × ISO100 ports and a range of standard options.

  • Mount wiring and components directly onto the Secondary Insert for unrivalled flexibility, with customisation to suit experimental set-up
  • Custom configurations allow for increased coax capacity of up to 128 UT85 lines per insert

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