Power Supply and Display Unit

Horiba SKU: MT-51/52
Power Supply and Display Unit-Nano Vacuum Australia and New Zealand

Power Supply and Display Unit

Horiba SKU: MT-51/52
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MT Power Supply and Display Unit

  • To supply power and control flow rate of max 8 Mass Flow Controller / Meter
  • Power supply : 100 / 240 VAC
  • Input communication : Analog & Digital



    ±15 V power output +24 V power output
Ac power supply AC220V   50/60Hz AC100~240V   50/60Hz
Dc power supply ±15V ±2.5%
+15V output MAX=150mA
-15V output MAX=350mA

MAX:+25.0V, MIN:+22.5V
output MAX=350mA

Set signal output 0~5V,  current MAX=3mA
0~5V,  current MAX=3mA
Or 4~20mA,1~5V
Signal input 0~5V, input resistance ≥10kΩ

0~5V, current  MAX=3mA Or 4~20mA,1~5V

MFC interface DB15/F DB9/M
Analog-to-digital conversion accuracy 16
Accuracy of signal ±0.1%
Accuracy of integrating  ±1%
Integrating Max 9999×106
Integrating display digits Decimal form 6, index form:4
Digital communication  RS-485/RS-232   Modbus—RTU
Communication baud rate 9600,19200,4800
Work environment 0~50℃
Size  96×96mm× 156mm

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