Ozone Monitor_HZ-960

Horiba SKU: HZ-960
Ozone Monitor_HZ-960-Nano Vacuum Australia and New Zealand

Ozone Monitor_HZ-960

Horiba SKU: HZ-960
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Dissolved Ozone Monitor

High precision, wide-range dissolved ozone monitor. The repeatability: F.S. +/- 0.2%. Can select the 4 types of measurement range in-line detectors.



  • High precision. Repeatability: F.S. +/- 0.2%
  • Wide range measurement
         0 - 10 mg/L (ZH-10 Sensor)
         0 - 40 mg/L (ZH-40 Sensor)
         0 - 100 mg/L (ZH-100 Sensor)
         0 - 500 mg/L (ZH-500 Sensor)
  • Remote calibration
  • RoHS compliant



Corresponding detector ZH-10 ZH-40 ZH-100 ZH-500
Measurement range 0-10.00mg/L 0-40.00mg/L 0-100mg/L 0-500mg/L
Supply temperature                    5-30 deg.C 5-80 deg.C
Chemical contact material of detector PFA, PTFE, quartz glass
Supply pressure Within 0.5 MPa
Repeatability +/- 0.2% of full scale
Linearity +/- 1.0% of full scale
Transmission output Number of output: 2
Contact output Number of output: 5
Contact input Number of input: 2
Communication output RS-485
Power supply Rated voltage 24 +/- 10% V DC, 15W

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