OptistatDry TLEX – Top-loading Sample-in-exchange-gas Cryostat

Brand: oxford Nano Science

Product Code: OptistatDry TLEX – Top-loading Sample-in-exchange-gas Cryostat

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Cryofree® optical cryostat for spectroscopy applications providing a temperature-controlled, sample-in-exchange-gas measurement environment, with sample access via a unique top-loading mechanism.

  • Wide sample temperature range: < 4 K to 300 K

  • Easy set-up and operation, no liquid cryogens are required

  • Unique sample loading, reducing time between experiments

The top-loading OptistatDry TLEX for spectroscopy comprises a compact cryostat with optical access, cooled by a closed-cycle refrigerator. This cryogen free cryostat is capable of cooling samples to helium temperatures without the need for liquid cryogens. This provides significant benefits for usability, running costs and enables simultaneous optical and electrical measurments via extensive window access and wiring options. 

  • Wide sample temperature range from < 4 K to 300 K
  • Quick sample change in < 5 minutes via top loading probe
  • A wide range of different windows and wiring options enable you to upgrade your system as your experimental needs develop
  • No liquid cryogens are required
  • Optimised optical access with f1 and a clear view of 15 mm diameter
  • Ideal for samples that have low thermal conductivity, including powder or samples in liquid phase
  • The sample-in-exchange-gas environment provides all the cooling you need for samples that are not suited for a vacuum environment, such as biological, life science or chemistry experiments
  • Water and air-cooled compressor options available
  • 1 year standard warranty

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