OptistatCF – Sample-in-exchange-gas Cryostat for Spectroscopy

Brand: oxford Nano Science

Product Code: OptistatCF – Sample-in-exchange-gas Cryostat for Spectroscopy

Availability: On Request

A 4 K helium-flow, top-loading cryostat with sample in static exchange gas.

  • 3.4 - 300 K temperature range

  • Quick sample change via top-loading sample probe

  • Superb optical access

  • Temperature range: 3.4 - 300 K. May be extended up to 500 K with the high-temperature window option and extended down to 2.2 K when used with a rotary pump (not supplied as standard)
  • Cooling to 4.2 K in about 25 minutes
  • Short sample change time via a top-loading sample probe - as quick as 5 minutes
  • Low liquid helium consumption: <0.55 L/h when used with a low-loss transfer siphon
  • Configured for reflectance and transmission measurements
  • Superb optical access for measurements requiring light collection
  • Large illumination area: 15 mm diameter window aperture
  • Compact size allowing easy integration into commercial spectrometers
  • Measurement-ready, via 10-pin electrical wiring to the sample

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