OpAL ALD System

Brand: Oxford Instruments

Product Code: OpAL

Availability: On Request

The OpAL system introduces a unique open load thermal atomic layer deposition (ALD) tool with plasma option. It has a clear and easy upgrade route to plasma, providing both plasma and thermal ALD in a single compact tool.

  • Compact open-load system for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) with Plasma option
  • Small wafer pieces up to full 200mm wafers
  • Vapour draw or bubbling of up to four liquid or solid precursors
  • In-situ analytical options including spectroscopic ellipsometry linked into ALD control software

System Features:

Oxford Instruments has an extensive process library, and new processes are continually being developed. We provide free on-going process support for the lifetime of any ALD tool, offering advice on developing new materials and continued access to our latest ALD process developments including new process recipes.

Can be fitted with a nitrogen purged glove box with sample entry load lock - For dry environment

Easily removable inner chamber - Reduces chamber cleaning times

Cabinet can be fitted to extraction lines and has nitrogen purge - For assured health and safety compliance

Pneumatic hoist - For safe opening of chamber

Can be fitted with extraction hood or nitrogen purged glove box - For assured health and safety compliance


  • Nano-electronics
  • High-k gate oxides
  • Storage capacitor dielectrics
  • High aspect ratio diffusion barriers for Cu interconnects
  • Pinhole-free passivation layers for OLEDs and polymers
  • Passivation of crystal silicon solar cells
  • Highly conformal coatings for microfluidic and MEMS applications
  • Coating of nanoporous structures
  • Bio MEMS
  • Fuel cells