NANOFRAZOR SCHOLAR-Advance Nanofabrication for Everyone

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NanoFrazor lithography – based on thermal Scanning Probe Lithography developed at IBM Research – is the fastest and most versatile of all Scanning Probe Lithography techniques.

The NanoFrazor Scholar is the entry level NanoFrazor system and is particularly suited for academic research groups looking for an easy way to create high-resolution nanopatterns or devices. The NanoFrazor Scholar is a compact system designed to fit in the smallest lab spaces. It can also be installed in a dedicated glovebox to enable nanolithography of sensitive materials in inert conditions.

Like all NanoFrazor tools, the Scholar can pattern features with ultra-high resolution with no need for proximity effect corrections. All the unique NanoFrazor capabilities like in-situ AFM imaging, accurate 3D grayscale lithography, markerless overlay or thermal material conversion are available with the Scholar.


 For additional information please download the Fact Sheet or contact us at Nano Vacuum Australia & New Zealand.

Key Features

  • Resolution below 20 nm
  • In-situ high-speed AFM topography imaging
  • Samples size up to 50 x 50 mm2
  • Closed-Loop Lithography
  • Precise markerless overlay and stitching using in-situ AFM
  • No damage of sensitive materials (no electron or ion beams)
  • Alternative patterning mode: direct nanoscale thermal conversion
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to use (no wet development, no vacuum, etc.)
  • Unique capabilities help publish in high-impact journals
  • and receive funding for new projects