NANOFRAZOR PROFESSIONAL-Advanced Nanofabrication Capabilities for Industry

Brand: Heidelberg Instruments

Product Code: NANOFRAZOR Professional

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The NanoFrazor Professional is a platform that can be customized to meet individual requirements for industrial applications. The standard Professional has all unique NanoFrazor capabilities. It is additionally equipped with a specially designed 8-inch wafer platform and an adapted high-speed piezo scanner for moving the tip. Various extensions can be added to increase speed, placement accuracy or automation.

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Key Features

  • Direct heated probe writing with resolution below 15 nm
  • In-situ high-speed AFM topography imaging
  • Sample size up to 200 x 200 mm2 (larger on request)
  • Customized and optimized for individual applications
  • Upcoming: Multi-Tip patterning and imaging module
  • Upcoming: high speed laser writer module
  • Upcoming: automated tip exchange module