NanoFrasor Professional

Heidelberg Instruments SKU: NANOFRAZOR Professional
NANOFRAZOR PROFESSIONAL-Nano Vacuum Australia and New Zealand

NanoFrasor Professional

Heidelberg Instruments SKU: NANOFRAZOR Professional
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The NanoFrazor Professional is a platform that can be customized to meet individual requirements for industrial and prototyping applications. It combines all the unique NanoFrazor capabilities with a specially designed 8-inch wafer platform and an adapted high-speed piezo scanner for moving the tip. Various extensions can be added to increase speed, placement accuracy or automation. The NanoFrazor Professional is designed for process development of next generation semiconductor nodes, mastering for nanoimprint lithography, and manufacturing devices with nano-features in small areas.

With the direct laser sublimation module, nano- and microstructures can be seamlessly and quickly written into the same resist layer in a single fabrication step. In-situ imaging enables two unique features: markerless overlay, and comparison of the written and target patterns during writing so that the parameters can be immediately adjusted. This approach, called closed-loop lithography, results in sub-2 nm vertical precision for 2.5D (grayscale) shapes of any complexity. Fast and precise control of a heated nanoscale tip enables innovation not otherwise feasible.


Easy patterning of nanostructures even with complex geometries; min. lateral features 15 nm; vertical resolution 2 nm

Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography

New approach to nanopatterning enabling applications not otherwise feasible

Non-invasive Lithography

No damage from charged particles, no proximity effects, clean lift-off


With all standard pattern transfer methods: lift-off, etching, nanoimprint lithography, etc – knowledge resource and best practices available in our “Recipe Book”

In-situ Imaging

Immediate control of patterned structures

Precise Overlay and Stitching

Markerless overlay and stitching accuracy 25 nm specified, sub-10 nm overlay shown

Unique Thermal Cantilevers

Integrated microheater and distance sensor; easy to exchange and economical

IDecapede Module

10-tip write head for 10-fold increase in throughput for high-resolution patterning

Laser Sublimation Module

High-throughput exposure of coarse structures in the same exposure step; 405 nm wavelength CW fiber laser

Vibration Isolation

Three-layer acoustic and superior vibration isolation (> 98% @ 10 Hz)

Low Cost of Ownership

No need for cleanroom, vacuum pump or expensive consumables

Laser Sublimation Module

High-throughput exposure of coarse structures in the same exposure step

Glovebox Integration

Customized solution in collaboration with MBraun with minimized vibrations for work in controlled atmosphere

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