Mass Flow Controller/Meter S600-PROFIBUS

Horiba SKU: 600S-Rubber-24V-50SLM

Mass Flow Controller/Meter S600-PROFIBUS

Horiba SKU: 600S-Rubber-24V-50SLM
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Mass Flow Control

S48 and S600 are wide variety of products for hybrid mass flow control in the form of controllers and meters. All the mass flow control products offer high accuracy and a fast response time. The range of gas flow controllers includes two types of sensors, pressure differential type and thermal type and various communication protocols; analogue, digital, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS® and EtherCAT®. Choose between the high precision piezo stack valve or the more traditional solenoid valve to control process gas. All metal seal or Viton™ seal are available depending on gas or liquid compatibility requirements. Ultra wide range devices with a turndown ration of 1000:1 are available.

Multi gas (where the user can program the gas type) and multi range (where the user can configure the flow range) are available for when you need flexibility.


  • Communication options: Analog, Digital (RS484) and PROFIBUS
  • Power supply options: +/- 15 V and +/- 24 V
  • Seal options: Rubber and Metal



  • PV: Process gases for Diffusion/ PECVD/ Ion implanter
  • Fiber: Burner gases for MCVD/ VAD/ OVD process
  • Bioreactor/Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Bevarage
  • Furnaces
  • Vacuum coating
  • Analytical/ Gas analyzers
  • Automotive
  • Heat treatment

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