Liquid Flow Controller/Meter

Brand: Horiba

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Digital Liquid Mass Flow Meters / Controllers

The LF-F (Liquid Flow Meter) and LV-F (Liquid Flow Controller) Series are digital liquid mass flow controllers using a Peltier element which cools the liquid rather than using the more common method of thermal heating. This technique removes the risk of boiling chemicals with a low boiling point, thus allowing for greater chemical control.


Measurement Techniques

  • Cooling Measurement Method
  • Structure/Operating Principle


  • Process Control and In-situ Measurement for Photovoltaic Manufacturing Process
  • Sterilization Process in Food and Beverage Manufacturing


  • Offer micro-litre to ultra low flow rate control
  • Enable precision flow control of low boiling point and high viscosity liquids
  • Ultra clean
  • sRoHS Compliance


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