KelvinoxMX – Versatile Dilution Refrigerator

Brand: oxford Nano Science

Product Code: KelvinoxMX – Versatile Dilution Refrigerator

Availability: On Request

A dilution refrigerator insert system compatible with wet cryostats

  • Minimum downtime - fast sample change 

  • Wide range of applications

  • Full automation of the insert cool-down

The Kelvinox®MX range of wet dilution refrigerators were designed for seamless integration into magnetic and cryogenic environments. The range features interchangeable secondary inserts to allow the system to be configured for a wide range of experimental applications. The KelvinoxMX dilution refrigerator uniquely separates the cooling platform from the experimental services.

  • Flexibility to change experimental configurations and thermodynamic performances, if needed
  • Multiple users to carry out different configured experiments, with minimum downtime
  • Access to different applications by selecting the appropriate experimental insert
  • Simple diagnostics for experimental wiring and set-up can be easily tested
  • All inserts are supplied with a gas handling system enabling automation of the insert cool down

The KelvinoxMX is made up from two main components; a primary insert, that provides a 50 mm line of sight access port, into which a range of interchangeable experimental inserts can be fitted and a dilution unit.

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