Oxford NanoScience SKU: Kelvinox400HA


Oxford NanoScience SKU: Kelvinox400HA
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A dilution refrigerator insert system with enhanced experimental access, integrated into a low-loss helium cryostat

  • More than 350 µW cooling power

  • Wide range of applications

  • Full automation of the insert cool-downKelvinox®400HA dilution refrigerator is ideal for applications requiring high cooling power and enhanced experimental access such as quantum computing.

  • Achieves more than 350 µW of cooling power, ideal for demanding experiments with high heat dissipation such as microwave cavity losses
  • Less than 10 mK stable temperature: ideal for low temperature demagnetisation experiments
  • Additional line-of-sight access ports, enabling a range of services to the IVC and sample space for the most demanding applications
  • Improved experimental access with inserts, which provide a wide range of access ports
  • Delivered with a gas handling system, which is fully automated and enables complete operation of a dilution refrigerator using sophisticated software and virtual instrument drivers for LabVIEW. 

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