In-line pH Meter_UP-100

Brand: Horiba

Product Code: UP-100

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Micro Volume pH Monitor

UP-100 pH measurement technology developed by a new ultra-small capillary electrode which affords ultra-low sample consumption of just 500 uL/measurement, enabling continuous pH monitoring for a variety of critical manufacturing processes that include Semiconductor (Cleaning, Etching and Plating); Chemical Manufacturing, Bio, Pharm, Food Processing, etc.
Designed for 6 month continuous operation without operator intervention for minimizing downtime.




  • Consumes only 500μL/minute, Maximum 30 mL/hour.
  • Real-time measurement
    One minute measurement interval (minimum)
  • Includes internal storage of standard solutions for automatic calibration and replenishment of KCl




Information shown on the display 1. pH or electrode voltage (selectable)
2. Temperature
Measurable range 0.00 to 14.00 pH
Repeatability performance +/-0.10 pH(when monitoring pH4 standard buffer solution, within +/- 1.0 deg.C)
Stability  +/- 0.10 pH / hour (when monitoring pH4 standard buffer solution, within +/- 1.0 deg.C)
Data output RS-485, Analog 4-20 mA