High Pressure XPS-Ambient Pressure XPS (ESCA) System

Brand: Prevac

Product Code: ESCA XPS

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Dedicated system for ambient pressure 1 mbar – 10-10mbar XPS (ESCA) / UPS experiments with controllable sample temperature from 100 K to 850 K in analysis chamber. Full PLC protection and software control including a clear visualisation of machine state. Data acquisition and control of all integrated devices, supplies and ancillary equipment.



  • Ambient pressure chamber 1 mbar - 10-10mbar
  • Equipped with HP analyser
  • Differentially pumped X-ray monochromator
  • Differentially pumped double anode X-ray source
  • Differentially pumped UV source
  • Four pumping stages for main chamber and analyser
  • Integral halogen bakeout of analytical chamber
  • Laser and resistive heating of sample holder
  • Wide range of sample temperature: 100 K - 2200 K
  • Sample preparation chamber
  • High pressure reactor - up to 20 bar, 650°C
  • Gas dosing system with ability of heating and thermal stabilisation
  • Intro with preliminary heating
  • Sample park chamber which allows storage up to 5 sample holders
  • TDS sample measurement during XPS (ESCA) / UPS in ambient pressure

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