High Pressure Photoemission Spectroscopy UHV System

Brand: Prevac

Product Code: HP-PES

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PREVAC HP-PES systems is a unique, superior performance analysis system for state-of-the-art high pressure photoemission spectroscopy. It is quipped with a HP analyser but the focus is on a highly flexible sample environment, partly in form of a newly developed, highly versatile, gas cell, partly in form of the possibility of replacing the analysis chamber with a completely different chamber setup. The station will thus allow for frontier research on gas-solid and gas-liquid interactions. The system is equipped with automated control features to allow for safe and efficient operation of many different types of samples by many different operators.



  • Ambient pressure 50 mbar - 10-10 mbar
  • Highly flexible sample environment
  • Innovative, versatile gas cell
  • Easy HP cell manipulator dissasembly 
  • Easy analyser module dissasembly
  • Easy operation
  • For gas-solid and gas-liquid interactions


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