High Performance XPS-UPS-ARPES System

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PREVAC is a world leading manufacturer of research equipment for surface analysis under high and ultra high vacuum conditions. We are proud of our XPS/UPS/ARPES systems which combine innovative solutions with precise UHV technology, introducing unique possibilities in materials science investigation.


PREVAC XPS/UPS/ARPES systems are some of the most comprehensive analytical surface analysis systems available, providing a perfect tool for high sensitivity electronic structure analysis in:

  • Elemental and chemical composition of specimens
  • Study of impurities and grain boundaries
  • Gather bonding and chemical-state information
  • Measuring the surface electronic properties
  • Performing depth profiles to determine doping
  • Elemental distributions



XPS/UPS/ARPES systems are based on a mu-metal main chamber with high resolution hemispherical electron analyser which can be equipped with twin anode and/or monochromated X-ray source and UV source. Additional ports allow mounting of a 3D spin detector.



We offer the intuitive linear or radial distribution transfer systems which guarantee fast transfer between chambers.



Several types of manipulators can be chosen including the industry leading liquid helium version which can achieve 4.8 K with 5-axis motion (7 K for 6-axis, open cycle). polar rotation: +/-180° or 360° out of plane sample tilt: +/-30° heating up to 400 K



The flexible pumping configuration is based on latest generation UHV pumps. The system is equipped with an easy to install, handy bakeout tent. The baking control system is connected & interlocked with all system devices and equipped with automatic programmable temperature and time controller.


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