HF/HCl/NH3 Concentration Monitor_HF-960M

Horiba SKU: HF-960M
HF/HCl/NH3 Concentration Monitor_HF-960M-Nano Vacuum Australia and New Zealand

HF/HCl/NH3 Concentration Monitor_HF-960M

Horiba SKU: HF-960M
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Low Concentration Type HF/HCl/NH3 Concentration Monitor

The HF-960M uses sensors that offer outstanding corrosion resistance for high-precision, high-speed measurement of low concentrations of hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid and ammonia, and is thus perfect for single-bath and wafer cleaning. The HF-960M is also an environmentally-friendly product that uses lead-free solder for mounting chips on the PCB.




  • Precise measurement of low HF concentrations
  • 5 types of measurement available
    HF, HCl & NH3 concentrations, conductivity, and temperature
  • The analog output range can be arbitrarily set with to the concentration measuring range
  • The HF-960M provides 7 output points
  • 3-channel transmission output
  • RoHS compliant
  • DC 24 V Power Source
  • CE Marking compliant




Product name

Low Concentration Type HF / HCl / NH3 Concentration Monitor



Measurement range HF: 0-5000 ppm, HCl: 0-5000 ppm, NH3: 0-10000 ppm, Conductivity:0-50.0 mS/cm

Power supply

Rated voltage 24 V DC, 10 W (max)


Iindoor-use, panel installation type, panel case : ABS, terminal : PBT, Panel : IP65 dust and water proof structure

External dimensions

96 (W) x 96 (H) x 115 (D) mm, Case depth : approx.105 (when panel-mounted)


Approx. 550 g

Conforming standards

CE marking, FCC Part15

Compatible sensors

FS-10F series flow-type sensor




Semiconductor BEOL CMP in Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

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