Gas Monitor for Chamber Cleaning End Point Monitoring_IR-400

Brand: Nano Vacuum Pty Ltd

Product Code: IR-400

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High-grade type Gas Monitor for Chamber Cleaning End Point Monitoring

The IR-400 offers real-time monitoring of the chamber cleaning end point during the deposition process. By optimizing the cleaning process, the IR-400 reduces cleaning time and gas usage. This reduction in cleaning gas usage leads to a reduction in chamber damage and increases the life times of all the systems components.




  • Multi gas monitoring (Supported SiF4 andCF4) (IR-422)
  • High sensitivity
  • Gas cell heating function up to 180 dec.C
  • Multi-display
  • Analog/Digital communication.



Real-time end-point monitoring with the IR-400
  • Reduce time for chamber cleans
  • Reduce usage of cleaning gases
  • Repeatable and predictable clean process
  • Longer lifetime of chamber components



Reliable, High-performance
Non-dispersive Infrared Absorptiometry (NDIR)