Gas Monitor for Chamber Cleaning End Point Monitoring_IR-200

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Product Code: IR-200

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Gas Monitor for Chamber Cleaning End Point Monitorin

The IR-200 monitors SiF4  gas concentration in real time and identifies the cleaning end-point based on SiF4 gas concentrations.




  • Monitor SiF4 concentration up to 5000 ppm
  • Compact design
  • Can be instralled into exhaust lines
  • In addition to SiF4, this gas monitor can be used to measure CIF3 and other gases




Model name IR-200
Measurement Gas SiF4 gas
Measurement Range 0 to 5000ppm(0 to 500Pa)


Cell length 30mm, 1.2 in
Response Time 30 seconds or less (T90)
Pressure Resistance 0.3MPa(A)
Gas Cell Heating Temperature 150 ℃ (Max)
Contact Material SUS-316L、BaF2、FKM
Leak Rate 1×10-10Pa・m3/s
Fitting NW25 Flange
Analog Output 4 to 20 mA DC
Contact Output 3 channels (ERR、High、Low)
Contact Input 1 channel for zero calibration
Power 24 V DC, 30 W (Max)
Dimension (W x H X D)

Sensor: 150×268×90mm / 3.5x5.9x10.6 in

Controller: 48×96×130mm / 1.9x3.8x5.1 in


Sensor:4.5kg / 9.9 lb

Controller:0.5kg / 1.1 lb