Film Flow Meter-SF-1U/2U

Brand: Horiba

Product Code: SF-1U/2U

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High Precision Film Flow Meter

The SF-1U/2U combines precision volumetric tubing with a soap film detector (patented) that allows it to measure the flow of any type of gas accurately. It measures the amount of time required for the movement of a soap film through a portion of the volumetric tubing (of a standard volume), and determines the gas flow rate using that time value along with measured values for atmospheric pressure and temperature during the relevant time period. There are four different volumetric tubing units (VP series), suitable for different gas flow levels. The SF-2U features an internal atmospheric pressure sensor.


  • Accurate to ±0.5% of Reading Scale at Lower Range and ±1% at Upper Range
  • Easy Accurate Flow Rate Measurement
  • Flow Rate Measurement by utilizing a soap film detection
  • Computer Automation Available Through RS-232C Connection
  • LDC six digital display


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