Electron Source ES 40C1 For AES, EELS, Scanning & ESD

Brand: Prevac

Product Code: ES40C1

Availability: On Request

The ES 40C1 Electron Source is a scanable electron gun with small spot profile.

Due to the high transmission of its Einzel-Lens, the ES 40C delivers a high electron beam current over a wide energy range. The ES 40C1 is designed for a stable and reliable operation in e.g. AES, scanning applications, imaging, EELS and electron pulse or desorption experiments (ESD).


  • Fine focus microformed tip cathode
  • Scannable electron source with a small spot profile
  • Correction of incident electron beam angle (provided by ES40-PS power supply)
  • Integrated scan and deflection unit


  • Linear shift
  • Customised insertion length
  • Source shielding material (μ-metal or copper)

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        Technical data

        Mounting flange DN 40CF (rotatable)
        Energy range 0 - 5 keV
        Sample current up to 100 μA
        Scan area 10 mm x 10 mm
        Shield Cu or μ-metal
        Cathode type thoriated tungsten
        Insertion length min. 155.7 mm, (other on request) OD: 33.5 mm (μ-metal), 35 mm (Cu)
        FWHM dependent on working distance, min. 120 µm (for distance 56 mm)
        Working distance 23 mm - 150 mm (typical 75 mm)
        Bakeout temperature up to 250 °C
        Working pressure < 5×10-6 mbar