Deposition Systems with Door Access

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Deposition Systems with Door Access 

Our family of deposition systems offer the flexibility of several techniques in a single chamber. Each system in the range features a universal mounting flange (320 mm dia.) which can be configured for specific deposition techniques or combination of techniques. A modular user friendly approach to system design means that the entire system can be reconfigured by simply changing the universal mounting flange, a process that has been made both fast and simple. For demanding applications that require UHV base pressure, the system can also be configured with appropriate sealing and pumping system to achieve the base vacuum a range of 10-9 mbar.  



  • 3x Thermal evaporation boats
  • 3x Thermal evaporation boats, 1x Magnetron source
  • 3x Thermal evaporation boats, 2x Magnetron sources, 1x Effusion cell
  • RF table, 3x Magnetron sources 


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