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An Innovative Design Concept In Cleanroom Technology.

It is a fully portable cleanroom, complete with gowning room, in a bag.

Intended for users that require temporary cleanroom facilities, clean storage, or portability for on-site work, the CleanTent covers most user requirements at a low capital cost.

Standard Features include:

  • ISO 5/ Class 100 Environment
  • Full Portable Cleanroom
  • Extremely Quick Assembly
  • Compact Storage
  • Cleanroom quality air in the field
  • Integral gowning room


A ground sheet made from anti-static reinforced Tryoll to create a tough durable base unit. The one-piece top tent comprises two compartments; an entry airlock/ gowning room and the main work cabin which is contained within a high quality PVC envelope, making good use of ambient lighting. Positive pressure is provided by fan/filter units mounted at work station level on the work cabin gable wall.

Air System:

The fan filter units (FFU) all contain a HEPA ISO 5 compliant filter and pre-filter this simply runs on a 240v standard mains plug. The FFU is controlled by a variable-speed rotary dial.

The fan can provide up to 1100 m3 /hr through the filter at the industry standard 0.45 m/sec face velocity. The air system works on horizontal laminar flow principles, exhausting through user controlled zip vents in both the work cabin and gowning room.

Technical Data

MODEL 675 MODEL 750 MODEL 1700
External Size (W x D x H) 3650mm x 2500mm x 2150mm 4250mm x 2500m x 2150mm 6100mm x 3650mm x 2150mm
ISO Cleanliness ISO Class 5
Main Filters H14 HEPA

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