Chemical Concentration Monitor_CS Series

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Chemical Concentration Monitor_CS Series

Chemical concentration monitors are used in critical cleaning and etching processes of high tech industries like the semiconductor manufacturing process. The monitors measure the concentration of various chemical materials i.e. SC-1, SC-2, SPM, HF etc. in real-time.

The chemical concentration monitors can measure single components as well as up to eight components simultaneously (depending on product model). The in line and offline high performance process monitors  ensure a perfect match to your manufacturing process and facilities.

All of the models require low maintenance and are extremely robust. They offer highly accurate and repeatable process monitoring to improve your high value process and reduce waste.



  • CS-100 Series : Stand-alone Type Chemical Concentration Monito
  • CS-100F4 : Multi-point Chemical Solution Monitor
  • CS-131 : High-speed response and compact chemical solution concentration monitor SC-1 Monitor
  • CS-137 : BHF Concentration Monitor
  • CS-139E : High-speed response and compact chemical solution concentration monitor TMAH/H2O2
  • CS-150 : SPM Monitor
  • CS-153 : FPM Monitor
  • CS-153N : HF/HNO3 Monitor
  • CS-600F : Fiber Optic Type Chemical Concentration Monitor
  • CS-700 : High Precision, High Stability Chemical Concentration Monitor