Split-pair Magnets

Oxford NanoScience SKU: Split-pair Magnets
Split-pair Magnets

Split-pair Magnets

Oxford NanoScience SKU: Split-pair Magnets
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Oxford Instruments has pioneered the design of the split-pair magnet systems for many applications including neutron scattering, X-ray scattering and optical spectroscopy. We can combine field orientation, field strength (up to 15 T) with low temperature to provide you with a uniquely powerful measurement platform. Wet, dry and recondensing options are available.

  • Parallel and transverse field access

  • For neutron and X-ray no liquid helium in the beamline and direct access for the beam

  • Simple integration with the beamline infrastructure

  • Designed to specification 

  • Standard 7 T option for SpectromagPT

  • Active shielding possible to minimise stray field footprint 

  • Asymmetric operation possible to allow zero field shift for polarised beams

There are two standard options for optical spectroscopy, but in most instances the customer requirements are met with bespoke design to suit the customer experiment and environment.

The parameters of field strength, homogeneity and physical size are intimately linked which is why our engineers work with our customers to find the best combination to suit their needs.

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