UHV manipulator installation at Australian Synchrotron

by Ava Faridi

Dr Anton Tadich, Senior Beamline Scientist at the Soft X-ray Beamline Australian Synchrotron, is sharing his valuable experience about Prevac-UHV manipulator recently installed at Australian Synchrotron:

"We have upgraded the UHV manipulators on the Prevac endstation, as after 13 years of continual use the original ones as supplied with the system, have begun to wear out. The new manipulators feature better stepper motors, encoders on each axis, and reference switches for better homing. They also feature a revised cryogenic cooling design, in which liquid nitrogen is pumped from a dewar using a rotary vane pump and heat exchanger. This setup is an enormous improvement for our users who need cold samples, in terms both of safety and for reliability of use. We can see a number of improvements upon the designs of 13 years ago. To control the manipulators, we use our facility standard GeoBrick LV motion control system. To adapt from this system to the standard cabling used by Prevac, adaptor boxes were built by Prevac which take care of converting the cables for motor power, limit switches and encoders. This adaption is done by Prevac for synchrotron applications, where often a facility standard is required to be used.”

UHV Manipulator-Nano Vacuum Australia and New Zealand

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