Prevac is Promoting the New MBE SYSTEMS

by Ava Faridi


Multi-chamber or standalone systems for thin film deposition of single crystals feature in-situ characterisation of magnetic properties, topography, crystallography, film thickness and more. 
  • Versatile, easy extend with other deposition or other analytical techniques 
  • Ideally suited for growth of elements from groups III/V, II,VI as well as other heterostructures 
  • Standard manipulator with stable, long-life heater element made of solid SiC and receiving station to achieve high temperatures up to 1200°C
  • Different standard sizes of process chamber are available: φ300, φ450 and φ570 mm (other sizes on request), depending on the type and number of evaporation sources and on the substrate size
  • Different substrate holders size: from 10x10mm to 8inch
  • RHEED, quartz balances, residual gas analyser, beam flux monitor, heated viewports, LN2 cooling shroud, internal liner/shield and many more

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