by Sarah Bowles

032 PRIMS is a simple and full functional sputter deposition system for reproducible thin film layers applying.

Magnetron sputtering sources (for metals and inorganics) are included, mounted in sputter-down configuration. System includes a turbomolecular pump with manual throttle valve. Small process chamber size allows to reach the base pressure in a short time. Dedicated deposition rate checking system is available.

▪ Compact size design
▪ Process chamber diameter: Ø 355 mm
▪ Ports for up to three 2" magnetron sources
▪ Internal shield against chamber contamination
▪ Base pressure range 10-7 mbar
▪ Fast turbo-molecular pumping system
▪ Substrate stage for up to 2" diameter samples
▪ Process chamber with in full size vacuum door for easy target or substrate replacement

System is equipped with MS2 100 ISO-K magnetron sources and novel M600DC-PS power supply.

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